In the bustling city of Toronto, a dark legend loomed over the streets every year when daylight savings time arrived. The residents whispered in hushed tones about the Owl Man, a sinister figure who prowled the city in the shadows, preying on young women as the hour went back and the evening descended into darkness.

As the minutes ticked towards 6pm, the streets became eerily quiet, and a sense of dread filled the air. The Owl Man was known to lurk in the darkest corners, his eyes gleaming like those of a predatory bird, waiting for his next victim.

His victims were always unsuspecting young women, walking alone in the fading light. The Owl Man would swoop in, his presence sending shivers down their spines before he kidnapped them, taking them to his hidden lair where he would sexually seduce them, leaving them with a haunting memory of their encounter.

But the most chilling aspect of the Owl Man's twisted desires was his penchant for impregnating his victims before releasing them back into the wild. It was said that he wanted to spread his dark legacy, creating offspring who carried his sinister bloodline.

Despite the best efforts of law enforcement, the Owl Man remained elusive, a shadowy specter haunting the city during daylight savings time. And as the hour went back and the skies darkened, the residents of Toronto could only hope that they would not be the next target of the Owl Man's twisted desires.

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